3 cool ways to promote your blog


So you created a cool new blog and want to find ways to promote your articles online. If your blog is brand new, nine times out of ten you may not have many backlinks pointing back to your blog. If your blog is not ranking on Google for popular keywords, then how do you expect for anyone to find it. In this article, I will answer that question by discussing a few techniques that you can use to promote your blog without contracting an SEO professional.

Write attractive titles

The title of your blog post should be able to capture visitors’ attention and attract more visitors to your website. Instead of titling your blog post “Cheeseburger Recipe” you should title it something more attractive such as “This Cheese Burger recipe will blow your mind”. When people read the first title their thoughts may be “Oh just another boring recipe for a cheese burger”, if people read the second title their thought may be “Wow this must be the best cheeseburger recipe ever!!” This type of title is called a – Attention Grabber. Using an attention grabber with our following tip, can dramatically increase traffic to your new blog.

Video blog

Video blogging is similar to regular blogging accept the blogger is blogging by way of video. If you own a camera and have a few blog posts that you think people will be interested in, then hit the record button and video blog your post. YouTube is a great website to upload your video blog post to. When creating your videos, make sure that you speak clearly and also, make sure that you include the URL to your website in your videos. Upload your video to YouTube, and create an attention grabber title with a brief description about your website. You can easily get more YouTube video views by promoting your video through social media

Tweet your blog post

Twitter current has over 500 million users and is also a great place to promote your blog. I will not go into detail about promoting your twitter account, but if you are lucky enough to have a few Twitter followers, then send out an attention grabber tweet with a link to your blog post. Twitter can provide a ton of traffic to your website and help increase the exposure of your blog.